Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Native American Fashion

There seems to be quite a trend in fashion at the moment towards the Native American. Tribal/geometric prints and feathers are everywhere. It's a trend we've seen before, I remember only a few years ago fringes were quite the thing, and I'm sure we'll see it again. I'm quite a fan of this look and while I won't be using actual feathers I'm keen to incorporate some Native American imagery, patterns and materials into my own jewellery. The first logical step? Google images of course.

Lady Lux

Ginette Lapalme

Brett Manning
Corto Moltedo
Navajo pattern rug

For a more mythology based look at Native America visit my Visions of Whimsy blog.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Sellers of 2011

It seems like just yesterday I made my first pair of button studs, instead it was something like six months ago. Now 2012 has begun and things are going to be bigger and better than ever before. I can't wait!
I'm so thrilled with how Hearsay has gone so far, and it still boggles my mind when people respond so well to my creations, to the point where I can actually determine best sellers. So without further ado here they are, Hearsay's best sellers of 2011.

  1. Fleur Noir Clips - Available on Etsy
  2. Knitted Rope Necklace - Available on Etsy and Madeit
  3. Nautical Striped Ring - Available online soon
  4. Black Twisted Cord Necklace - Available online soon
  5. Fleur Noir Studs - Available on Etsy and Madeit
  6. Blue/White Striped Studs - Available on Etsy
  7. Rope and Twisted Chain Bracelet - Available on Etsy and Madeit
  8. Red Doily Tote - Available on Etsy and Madeit