Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meet Hubert

So this is what happens when I give myself a day off for writing... shame.

Meet Hubert. Named for the professor in Futurama.

After the last West End Twilight Market of the year I was desperate for a stuffed elephant. I'd missed out on a gorgeous one (nothing like mine, not that he isn't gorgeous) and resolved to make my own. After a half-arsed google search didn't turn up the exact pattern I wanted I was disheartened, but I did find this and was inspired to just make it up as I went. The result was Hubert.

Hubert is made with felt, embroidery thread, little button eyes, and some stuffing my dog pulled out of his bed. My plan is to keep him in my handbag and pull him out during awkward social situations, though he'll probably just stay sitting on my desk beside my printer. he's about 8cm long, 6.5cm tall, and 5cm wide.

Hubert and I are now off to work on that short story I've been neglecting.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Ready for the West End Twilight Markets

I just love little stacks of neatly cut paper don't you?

So tomorrow's the West End Twilight Markets, held every Saturday at the corner of Wilson and Boundary St.
They only started up a month ago but have a great vibe with live music and great food. I'm thrilled to announce that I will not only be selling at tomorrow's market but the one after that as well. I'm hoping they'll serve as a good lead up to Christmas and am looking forward to meeting new people and trying a completely different type of market.
If you still need that perfect present, or an awesome stocking stuffer, maybe a secret santa gift check out the West End Twilight Markets.
I think it will be great, see you there.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mmmm Coffee



Jersey shirt
$105 -

True religion skinny jeans
$270 -

Azzedine alaia shoes
$110 -

Mimco twist jewelry
£99 -

Ugo Cacciatori silver jewelry
€406 -

Star earrings

It seems like I'm just catching on to Pinterest when Polyvore comes walking along. Here's my very first set, I was just playing really, hope you like it. I'm going to 'clip' some of my items at some point and make some Hearsay sets or sets with Hearsay items in them. But most importantly it's really fun, try it out.

Monday, November 21, 2011

B B B B Bracelets!

Isn't it funny, when I'm dedicating myself to making things for Hearsay all I want to do is write, and when I'm dedicating myself to writing all I want to do is make things.

My word count for NaNoWriMo is currently around 34500 which is roughly 2000 words behind today's goal. This is partly because I have been sneaking away from the laptop every so often to make bracelets. That's right bracelets. A sector of the jewellery realm that Hearsay was yet to discover... until now.

Here's some previews of what I've been working on.

These  natural cotton rope and gold platted chain bracelets will be for sale at the Bleeding Heart markets on Ann street in Brisbane City, they'll also be available online soon at either Madeit or Etsy.

These two are still in the production stage, I'm not too sure about the one on the left and the one on the right is made with beautiful white wooden beads I bought in Sydney and now have to figure out if they're available to buy online or mail order.

This one I really quite like, though I made it a bit big for myself. Unfortunately the recycled silk thread I made it from (bought in Byron, made in Nepal) is easily broken. That may not be the case with the multiple threads and the wrapping, but I just don't trust it to hold up under the stresses of everyday life.

Last but not least, something a little different. Four strands of black cord and silver plated findings this bracelet is a little more elegant and classic than the others, it will also be at Bleeding Heart and online in the coming weeks.

I'm also working on a semi-top secret fringe bracelet. I finished the prototype today but the photo's I took don't do it justice, so I'm hiding it away until further notice.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft vs. Write

Tomorrow NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins. I love NaNoWriMo but this year I'm so busy I don't know if I'll actually make it. It's going to be a real struggle keeping Hearsay up and running, regularly posting on two blogs and writing 50000 words, unless of course I include the blog posts in my novel.

e.g. MC (Main Character) wrote a blog. The blog was as follows...

It'll be especially interesting if she's in the middle of some intense chase scene,

e.g. MC fled from the terrorists. She rounded a corner and stopped for a moment to write a blog. The blog was as follows...

Yeah I think that'll work nicely.

Back to the real world.
I am really excited about NaNo this year. I plan on writing a series of short stories (rather than a novel) that centres around another short story that I spent the better part of this year working on. But I still have a lot to do for Hearsay as well. This Friday is Bleeding Heart Markets and on Sunday I'm selling for the first time at Suitcase Rummage. On the Saturday and Sunday (not that I have to physically be there for this) I have a necklace on display at the Etsy Australia stall at Finders Keepers. After those are done and dusted I'll only have to keep my online stores up to date (which won't take much since I'm yet to make a sale) and replenish any stock for the December Markets.
I shouldn't really complain, there are people with full time jobs and children who manage to reach 50000 words. I have no excuses, I can do this.

Watch out NaNo WriMo, here I come.

Maybe if I got one of these cute notebooks from Lorgie and Me it would help ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a little Intermission

Things seem to really be looking up for me (knock on wood) lately.
I've had a good run (2 in a a row) at the markets, Curves Girls Night in was great. Lots of nibblies to keep me going and lots of friendly people and fun games.
I also might have my Knitted Rope Necklace on display and Finders Keepers market this November in Brisbane. It won't be available for sale but you will be able to check it out in the flesh and pick up a business card. I'll let you know more details about that when I know them myself, although Finders Keepers is worth checking out anyway and I know I can't wait to go.

Thanks to a suggestion from my mum I've also got plans for a smaller version of the above necklace and another variation on that, but you'll have to wait and see.

And finally I've applied fro a spot at Southbanks Young Designers Market and Christmas Markets so fingers crossed

Monday, October 17, 2011

Boot Camp - Week 4

So this week I finally got one of my necklaces up on Etsy and Madeit and applied for a spot at Young Designers Market and Suitcase Rummage. Apart from that I've just been getting ready for Girls Night In this friday at Curves Capalaba.

Last Boot Camp was all about photography, and you'll be happy to here I did fill in some knowledge gaps about my camera and took so more product shots. I think it's safe to tick of week 3 as done, which is good because week 4 is here.

To Do
  • Read Writing 101 - Done
  • Fill out Writing Worksheet - Not done, but I've sent out a few emails to my friends to gather the necessary info to do so
  • Read SEO tips for the holidays - I'm sure I'll get around to it
  • Update item descriptions - do I have to?
  • Compare SEO noted with buddy - ...
  • Check in with Etsy Success Team - Okey Dokey Do
So of I go to tick those that are yet be ticked...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Boot Camp - Week 3

So it's week 3 of boot camp and I'm officially behind. Don't tell me I was supposed to actually do week 2's to do list in week 2.

Anyway this weeks all about photography. I'm pretty happy with photography so far, not that their isn't room for improvement, but I'm hoping their will be less for me to do than last week.

here's some examples of my photography prowess, I really like the ring, and since one of this weeks to do list tasks is to get photo feedback from your buddy, maybe someone out there in the land of the Internet could leave a comment.

To Do list

  • Go through get to know your camera checklist - done and there were only two things I don't know how to do... I'll look them up later.
  • Ready etsy's guide to photography - since etsy's guide to photography is a large collection of other blog posts I've only partially done this... so far.
  • Photograph holiday packaging - what holiday packaging?
  • Advanced task: Mastering depth of field - maybe later
  • Share photo critiques with buddy - please leave comments below
  • Add new photos to listings - I could do that, or I could have another triple chocolate muffin.
Ok well here I go on a whorl-wind adventure to etsy stardom.

Markets Recap

Yesterday was Bleeding Heart markets, the launch of my new necklaces and thus the launch of a new stall design. I got a lot of complements on the new design actually from my co stall owners and customers alike which made me very happy, and I really think the black table cloth (as opposed to white) makes a very positive difference (though I miss the subtle texture and pattern my white one had).

View from where I was sitting

As you can see here I also bagged a good spot, right next to the entrance to the cafe.

It was also a really successful market with many sales, some of the items that sold can be seen below.

This is my first product collage so be kind, I plan on improving.
The earrings and clips are exactly two items that sold yesterday. The crowned silhouette image sold as a greeting card. The Barrel of Monkeys necklace sold in red, and the ring sold in navy and white stripes (more will be in stock and on etsy soon).

I think the most pressing thing for me to do now (apart from all my boot camp to dos) is get these items up on Etsy, I have heaps of products that haven't even been subjected to photography yet and that simply will not do.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Boot camp - Week 2

So now its week two of Etsy's holiday boot camp. The picture above has absolutely nothing to do with that, I just love barrel of monkeys and am absolutely obsessed with turning them into fun, funky necklaces (coming to an etsy store near you), thanks to Carindale Toy World for actually stocking the little critters.

Ok but back to boot camp. Last week I still had a few things to tick off my list, all of which I did except make a boot camp buddy and so now you, the readers of this blog, are my etsy buddy which means I can tick off the 'check in with your buddy' portion of this weeks checklist. Mwahahahaha (I'm tired, and when I'm tired I evil genius laugh).

Week 2 Checklist
  • Study Stocking Up for the Holidays - done! But I might have to do it again, my tired brain ain't processing so good.
  • Fill out holiday project worksheet - I like worksheets so I'll do this shortly
  • Create to do list for launching holiday products - I like lists too so I'll probably do this soon too
  • Check in with this week's Etsy Success Forum Thread - Done and given me some great ideas for my to do list, although I think I can feel the grey hairs sprouting as the stress rolls in. (I found one this morning and when I got carded at the bottle-o the lady said I was 'well past [18]' and I'm only 22)
  • Consult with you Boot Camp buddy - Done (see above)
  • Keep an eye on your Search Ad Stats - I haven't got any search ads yet and am not entirely convince I'm going to buy any this year, but I most certainly will keep an eye on all my other stats. I like stats
And that is week two, I'll keep you posted, maybe even let you see my to do list.

Friday, September 23, 2011


It's time for Etsy Holiday Bootcamp and to, hopefully, kick my etsy (and Madeit) store into gear.

Week one's to do list:
  • Read this week's blog: A Flying Start - Done
  • Fill out your holiday budget worksheet - will do after this post
  • Print and apply your Holiday Boot Camp Stickers (they're these cute stickers marking goals and deadlines on my calendar) - I don't even know how to start deciding where to put these :(
  • Share your personal holiday goals - scroll down and you will see.
  • Find your Holiday Boot Camp buddy - Maybe I'll meet someone at the next Bleeding Heart Market, until then I'm flying solo (I'm not very socially pro-active).

 My Personal Holiday Goals
  • To have at least six new products ready for sale and on my etsy site in time for the holiday rush.
  • To have a new display picture for my store and facebook
  • And to provide a friendly happy shopping experience

Here's hoping all my dreams come true.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Necklace Designs in the Works

I've been working on numerous necklace designs for a month or so now, and am really hopeful to have some reading by the next Bleeding Heart Markets.
Here are some sneak peeks of what I've been working on.

 Does anyone recall having a knitting nacy when they were young? That's what I used to make the ribbon necklace on the left.

 Anyone for Barrel of Monkeys?
I wore this one out the other day and got a compliment from the guy who took my order at boost. It just made my day.

 A horse of course.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hearsay Ahoy!

To launch this new blog I spent the entirety (or close to it) of yesterday making a little diorama and making a little movie. Without further ado I give you... It's Just Hearsay!