Friday, October 7, 2011

Markets Recap

Yesterday was Bleeding Heart markets, the launch of my new necklaces and thus the launch of a new stall design. I got a lot of complements on the new design actually from my co stall owners and customers alike which made me very happy, and I really think the black table cloth (as opposed to white) makes a very positive difference (though I miss the subtle texture and pattern my white one had).

View from where I was sitting

As you can see here I also bagged a good spot, right next to the entrance to the cafe.

It was also a really successful market with many sales, some of the items that sold can be seen below.

This is my first product collage so be kind, I plan on improving.
The earrings and clips are exactly two items that sold yesterday. The crowned silhouette image sold as a greeting card. The Barrel of Monkeys necklace sold in red, and the ring sold in navy and white stripes (more will be in stock and on etsy soon).

I think the most pressing thing for me to do now (apart from all my boot camp to dos) is get these items up on Etsy, I have heaps of products that haven't even been subjected to photography yet and that simply will not do.

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