Friday, October 7, 2011

Boot Camp - Week 3

So it's week 3 of boot camp and I'm officially behind. Don't tell me I was supposed to actually do week 2's to do list in week 2.

Anyway this weeks all about photography. I'm pretty happy with photography so far, not that their isn't room for improvement, but I'm hoping their will be less for me to do than last week.

here's some examples of my photography prowess, I really like the ring, and since one of this weeks to do list tasks is to get photo feedback from your buddy, maybe someone out there in the land of the Internet could leave a comment.

To Do list

  • Go through get to know your camera checklist - done and there were only two things I don't know how to do... I'll look them up later.
  • Ready etsy's guide to photography - since etsy's guide to photography is a large collection of other blog posts I've only partially done this... so far.
  • Photograph holiday packaging - what holiday packaging?
  • Advanced task: Mastering depth of field - maybe later
  • Share photo critiques with buddy - please leave comments below
  • Add new photos to listings - I could do that, or I could have another triple chocolate muffin.
Ok well here I go on a whorl-wind adventure to etsy stardom.

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