Friday, September 30, 2011

Boot camp - Week 2

So now its week two of Etsy's holiday boot camp. The picture above has absolutely nothing to do with that, I just love barrel of monkeys and am absolutely obsessed with turning them into fun, funky necklaces (coming to an etsy store near you), thanks to Carindale Toy World for actually stocking the little critters.

Ok but back to boot camp. Last week I still had a few things to tick off my list, all of which I did except make a boot camp buddy and so now you, the readers of this blog, are my etsy buddy which means I can tick off the 'check in with your buddy' portion of this weeks checklist. Mwahahahaha (I'm tired, and when I'm tired I evil genius laugh).

Week 2 Checklist
  • Study Stocking Up for the Holidays - done! But I might have to do it again, my tired brain ain't processing so good.
  • Fill out holiday project worksheet - I like worksheets so I'll do this shortly
  • Create to do list for launching holiday products - I like lists too so I'll probably do this soon too
  • Check in with this week's Etsy Success Forum Thread - Done and given me some great ideas for my to do list, although I think I can feel the grey hairs sprouting as the stress rolls in. (I found one this morning and when I got carded at the bottle-o the lady said I was 'well past [18]' and I'm only 22)
  • Consult with you Boot Camp buddy - Done (see above)
  • Keep an eye on your Search Ad Stats - I haven't got any search ads yet and am not entirely convince I'm going to buy any this year, but I most certainly will keep an eye on all my other stats. I like stats
And that is week two, I'll keep you posted, maybe even let you see my to do list.

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