Sunday, April 29, 2012


The last few weeks I've been working on some new designs, necklaces mostly. I'd been doing this on the living room table and needed to clear it before a friend came over for dinner, and I did, but when all the tools and scraps and materials were cleared away I decided I would quickly lay out all my necklaces and bracelets out and organise them into collections.

This is my rope collection, I was already pretty sure of it but I now have some extra pieces and am toying with the idea of dyeing or painting the rope so I can offer a wider variety of colours.

The twine tassel necklace and twine bracelet feel a little out of place here, I might have some thinking to do.

There are two more collections I'm working on, however, I'm going to keep a little more tight lipped about these until there ready to be launched, or relaunched in the case of one of them. Here are some teaser shots to get your mind spinning.


  1. What gorgeous jewellery you make. I love the rope necklaces and your new collection looks really lovely. Great blog too. :)

  2. Thanks so much Caroline I can't wait to reveal all the new stuff completely.