Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Display Piece

I've been struggling with my market display of late. What do I want from it? What impression do I want it to give? What do I want it to say about my work?

Well I started with a mood board...

Then I planned a trip to the op shops but after realizing I had next to no money decided to raid the garage instead. I found an old play cabinet my grandfather made for me.

At this point I'd already done some cleaning work (it was covered in cobwebs and wasp nests), removed the doors, rusted hooks and plastic runners.

I cut it in half to make two shelves that would sit nicely on my table.

Unfortunately I tore the pretty wallpaper where I cut it.

I'll go on to destroy this lovely wallpaper again later.

Because of where I cut it etc etc, the half on the right (above pic) had the back board coming away from the sides at the top. So I got some liquid nails wood glue and glued it together. I left it for a day and then secured it further with actual nails.

While this was happening I spray painted the other side.

And here's a picture of my darling helping me cover the wall paper in preparation of spray painting.
I thought rather than using all the masking tape I would use waxed paper and just mask the edges and secure the paper with the tape... big mistake.

Yep it went through. The particularly bad spot I tried to fix with turps but only made big black smudges :(

I didn't let it get me down however.

Next I drilled little holes wherever I wanted hooks to go and then I screwed in the hooks.

Now I didn't want to make the same mistake twice so for the the second half I taped up the whole thing. Alas it was old tape and perhaps didn't hold at the edges as much as I would have liked.

Despite the wall paper hiccups, the whole thing got to a stage I'd like to call finished and here are some shots of the shelves all done up and pretty like.


  1. i love it sarah! looking forward to seeing it in the flesh sometime :)

    1. Thanks Clare. It should live and in the flesh on the 12th of July at Mt Gravatt Showgrounds for Ruffled Bazaar's Mothers day festival.